Welcome to custom used trap sales

Here I have a few traps I modified for sale. All Springs on the long springs are very near strong as new. chains connect in the center of the traps and have 2 -3 swivel points. Heavy chain and lap links.

modified number 3 victor long springs

Four number 3  Victor factory offset  jaws,  PIT pans, baseplates, heavy chain, center attached chain with crunch proof swivels and lap links. One of them has jaw lamination strips.

$68.00 plus $20.00 flat rate shipping

modified number 3 victor long springs

Same traps as above showing three Sleepy Creek clamp on center locator yokes with center swivel and one welded baseplate and D ring. Victor traps were knew when I got them, never used and have light rust from storage.

number three Triumph double longspring foot hold trap

Number 3 Triumph double longspring. Formerly owned by an Idaho trapper, Wild Cat Willy.

$28.00 plus $14.35 shipping